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Hey wassup? My name is Breyanna (pronounced Bree-yawn-na). I'm 14 years old from oakland, ca and just joined this community. I'm sure yall heard about F.B.I. fizz and boog's record label. They signed 4deep. There is a pic in the cut.

Boog look so good in that pic. And ducky's little brother is friends with my little sister. Maybe i can get the hook up with jboog. Naww just playin.

And did yall hear the tipsy remix, when jkwon said something bout b2k? he could have just said somethin bout omarion, since it was omarion who stole his beat or whatever. Anyways what do yall think?
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i love that pic may i add u and also can i have ur sn to aim or aol
yea you can me. my aim sn is MizzB 003.

omgoodness i was about to post about F.B.I. once i saw it a few hours ago, but u did better, and its bigger, thank you. loves ducky, but a.e. "so fly" is pimp. i havent heard the remix, but if i hear it soon and he doggin on all of them, im gonna be mad cuz it was omari and not the others. i likes your icon. well welcome to the community.

yea he said "b2k" not "omarion" so he pretty wrong for that. Thanks for the welcome.
wuts up ma. thanks for postin this cuz ive been lost on wut b2k was doin. wuts up wit raz? why he aint in this? & damn they all look so good in that pic! fizz hair is LONG now. Yo sista really frenz wit ducky's bro? thats coo. Oh yeh i heard that remix from J-kwon & what he said was ment towards Omari cuz he trippin cause of Omari's song damn.
Ey gurl ima add you, add me back please!!
Addin you back now. Yea girls was trippin at my school cause they be like "OMG its 4deep" and they was nobody. But now they got signed so thats cool. Yea my sis really friends with his little bro. Raz got his own label i think, so thats why he not in that pic.
yea itz Raz Beatz ! I <3 Him ! =] Im a B2K fan ! can I add u?
of course. added u back.
wat happen to razb?his not in the picture?i didn't even c him in kids award i only saw fizz and boog did they broke up again?if u got the answer please holla at ya gurl my e-mail is
I think it's great that J-Boog and Lil Fizz of B2K are getting a group together because it'll be good to see them do some that would result in positivity, cause Lord knows they've went through enough. Besides, anything Fizz is behind I'm behind 100% and i would love to let him and the rest of B2K know I love them and support them all the way!



February 13 2006, 22:20:47 UTC 11 years ago

Omarion did not steal Jkwon's beat. get your fax striaght BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!