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Lil Fizz's solo album [ Tuesday 6th March, 07 / 9:45am ]
[ mood | excited ]

Does anyone know when Lil Fizz's album comes out? I've heard a few of the songs and they are really good. Holla back and let me know.


Dry Hands [ Monday 25th July, 05 / 2:59pm ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
whoa i always liked the shirt boog wore at some awards pre/post show. i was out the states and found the shirt! i know 'for men' but its funny, and i havent worn it. still wanted to get it, so i did. that is all.

<3 Omarion is love <3 [ Tuesday 5th July, 05 / 2:21am ]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello, im new in this community, and i just finished watchnig you got served repetedly and falling in love with Omarion... but anyhow, i havnt managed to get my hands on the soundtrack yet but i was just wondering if anyone could possibly send me "take it to the floor" *via you send it* or sumthin like that cus my Winmx and Kazaa are messed up~~ Thankies if anyone can help.Xox
ps:cross posted to b2k loves you...

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[ Tuesday 8th February, 05 / 12:49pm ]

hey everyone, i'm Rachel. i've never posted here before so i thought i'd jus say wassup. and also i have a little story

last weekend i had a dance recital and guess who came? Omarion and Marques Houston!! Everyone was so excited. Then during my ballet performance, I looked at him in the audience and he was pointing at me!! Yeah. I dunno if that's a good or bad thing, but at least he noticed me! I was so sad though cuz I didnt get to meet him afterward cuz they left after intermission.

But anyways, I kno its not really that cool but I jus thought I'd share that story wichu.

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[ Monday 7th February, 05 / 8:22pm ]

IM NEW !!! i love B2K and OMARION !

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[ Wednesday 25th August, 04 / 8:11pm ]

Hey guys, I've got 2 B2K magazines to give away.
Both are in good condition with nothing missing.
One has HUGE posters and the other is a special Christmas edition with lotsa posters.
I've also got other little posters and clippings.
Anyone want to buy it?
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groupie love! [ Monday 23rd August, 04 / 3:21pm ]
[ mood | full ]

sup? my name is keyonna. i'm a fourteen year old sophomore that is in love with raz-b. <333

i'm new. welcome me please. ;]

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Whats up [ Friday 30th July, 04 / 10:06pm ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi my name is Daija. im new around here. so i just wanna say. no matter what happens b2k will always be my guys. i love them and i know the betta love me or else. j/k anyway anyone feel the same way?

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join? [ Friday 23rd July, 04 / 10:21pm ]
please join this community. if this is not allowed, lemme know + i won't do it again.


B2K Contest [ Monday 21st June, 04 / 5:50pm ]

Nestle VIP Music Experience
Have you heard of the Nestle VIP Music Experience? Check out this link to enter some cool contests like going on tour with Simple Plan or winning a private concert by Stacie Orrico. They are even have a contest to hang out with B2K in Los Angeles and a few other prizes! I think you can go to BritneySpears.bz and enter, or you can go here =) http://www.buzztone.com/vipmusic

hey [ Friday 11th June, 04 / 11:35am ]

[ mood | awake ]

hows it going?im from Toronto Canada,i love the guys of b2k espeacially lil'fizz.i so happy being in this comuunity!You got served is one the best movies!ne one else agree?

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Bros [ Tuesday 18th May, 04 / 2:04am ]

MH on One On One again this tuesday for part 2 since he now helps owns the barbershop. also shannon elizabeth as a guest.

YGS DVD [ Monday 17th May, 04 / 4:31pm ]

Just wanted to remind errbody that You got served comes out on dvd tomorrow (May 18, 2004)
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One On One With MH [ Monday 10th May, 04 / 2:57am ]

watch One On One with guest MH as flex's brother.

[ Saturday 24th April, 04 / 11:22pm ]

Where YOU can post YOUR rap icons
DOnt worry you'll get crrdit.
Help promote this community

OMG IM SOO0O0O0 HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 [ Saturday 24th April, 04 / 7:47pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]


- Filmed Dance Commentary
- Director and Cast Commentary
- Serve It Up: The Making of "You Got Served"
- Battle of the Beat Featurette
- Dance Breakdown: Multi Angle Feature
- "Badaboom" Music Video by B2K featuring Fabolous
Get ready to get yours....

and to my baby <3<3<3<3
Omarion has been nominated for two MTV Movie Awards for Breakthrough Male & Best Dance Sequence.
Mark your calendars and make sure to watch the MTV Movie Awards Thursday, June 30th at 9:00PM!

GOSH my husband is SO talented <3

aiight im out! <3
<3 CaRRie


Be on the set of a b2k video [ Sunday 18th April, 04 / 1:57pm ]

Please read the letter below and then Go to Razbeatz-b2k.com! By donating $1.00 through paypal you might get a chance to be in the "boys 4 life" video!!

RazBeatz Entertainment would like to bring forth a project which will help bring B2K together once again. He has completed the remix of B2K's "Boys 4 Life," where it talks about the group's breakup and possible makeup and since he is finish with the song, he is ready to make the video.
"Everybody is doing their own individual thing. My goal is to bring the group back together," Raz wished aloud about the platinum foursome. "B2K really came out and changed the game. I think we'll get back together."

To make this goal possible RazBeatz Entertainment needs helps from the fans to do so. We need for everyone to pass this around to all B2K fans around the world. This is officially a chain letter. If you break it, then don’t consider yourself a REAL B2K FAN! You the fan controls what happens now! It’s all in your hands to help make this dream into a reality. Pass this around to EVERYONE you know and DON’T break this chain letter, try and go to the next level and print this out and pass it amongst your peers. Visit RazBeatz.com and sign up for the emailing list and also visit RazBeatz-B2K.com to get the behind the scene scoop on RazBeatz Entertainment.
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I <3 B2K [ Friday 9th April, 04 / 12:08pm ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey my name's Maria, Im 15 and I LOVE B2K ! im new 2 thu c0mmunity !


<3 Maria

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Hey [ Sunday 4th April, 04 / 4:51pm ]

Hey wassup? My name is Breyanna (pronounced Bree-yawn-na). I'm 14 years old from oakland, ca and just joined this community. I'm sure yall heard about F.B.I. fizz and boog's record label. They signed 4deep. There is a pic in the cut.
Read more...Collapse )

Boog look so good in that pic. And ducky's little brother is friends with my little sister. Maybe i can get the hook up with jboog. Naww just playin.

And did yall hear the tipsy remix, when jkwon said something bout b2k? he could have just said somethin bout omarion, since it was omarion who stole his beat or whatever. Anyways what do yall think?
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J-Boog [ Sunday 21st March, 04 / 12:11am ]

[ mood | full ]

J-Boog is so HOT

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