peace beezie (xhypnotiq) wrote in sponge,
peace beezie

Be on the set of a b2k video

Please read the letter below and then Go to! By donating $1.00 through paypal you might get a chance to be in the "boys 4 life" video!!

RazBeatz Entertainment would like to bring forth a project which will help bring B2K together once again. He has completed the remix of B2K's "Boys 4 Life," where it talks about the group's breakup and possible makeup and since he is finish with the song, he is ready to make the video.
"Everybody is doing their own individual thing. My goal is to bring the group back together," Raz wished aloud about the platinum foursome. "B2K really came out and changed the game. I think we'll get back together."

To make this goal possible RazBeatz Entertainment needs helps from the fans to do so. We need for everyone to pass this around to all B2K fans around the world. This is officially a chain letter. If you break it, then don’t consider yourself a REAL B2K FAN! You the fan controls what happens now! It’s all in your hands to help make this dream into a reality. Pass this around to EVERYONE you know and DON’T break this chain letter, try and go to the next level and print this out and pass it amongst your peers. Visit and sign up for the emailing list and also visit to get the behind the scene scoop on RazBeatz Entertainment.
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